Why libraries are the new black for start-ups and entrepreneurs: Anna Burkey, The State Library of Victoria

Anna Burkey, The State Library of Victoria

Libraries are the new black and few are doing it better than the State Library of Victoria. They offer businesses a range of services – mentoring, training, spaces, events, tech support and much more. Lead by Anna Burkey, The State Library of Victoria has launched Start-Up Space, a free coworking space for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

In this podcast, Anna reveals:

  • Why the State Library now offers coworking spaces
  • The benefits of working in a co-working space versus working from home
  • What libraries have to do with business and how this will expand in the future
  • What Vision 2020 is all about
  • How their Start-Up Space will be a game changer for Victorian entrepreneurs
  • How businesses can get involved in Start-Up Space
  • What the ‘enterprise in residence’ program is about
  • How the Victorian community will benefit from this initiative

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