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Top 10 Public Speaking Tips for Nervous Presenters

Discover what the world’s greatest speakers do to minimise their nerves, increase their confidence and shine on stage.


I was asked to deliver a keynote speech for a top-tier accountancy firm from the big end of town. It was a privilege to be invited and I was really excited to have been chosen. It was a big event for them (and me) and due to the event selling out, they’d organised for the speeches to be filmed and live streamed to their offices in five different countries. The pressure was on.

I’d arrived early and did my customary venue check. I found the sound guy and asked him to do a microphone check with me. He fobbed me off as he was having technical issues with the camera and said he’d do it later. I waited, and waited, and waited. I button-holed him again to insist on it but he shook his head, “I’ve got no time but you’ll be right. I’ve checked them and they’re fine.”

I start to protest but it’s too late. The crowd take their seats, the MC takes the stage and introduces me. I stand up on stage and guess what? The microphone doesn’t just not work, it screeches so loudly the entire audience hold their hands to their ears to shut out the noise. It only got worse from there. That’s one presentation I would rather forget.

You'll learn how to:
  • prepare on the fly and deliver unfamiliar material with confidence
  • never stumble, stutter or trip over difficult words again
  • keep your presentation on track even if the data projector breaks down
  • square-o
    manage talkative or difficult audiences
  • square-o
    overcome anxiety, shaking knees, heart palpitations and other symptoms of nerves that derail you and your presentation.

How to instantly overcome your fear of public speaking and present with confidence