How to write copy that converts traffic into customers

Wouldn’t it be great to generate new leads and convert traffic into sales every time someone landed on your website? With just a few little tweaks to your site, chances are you can do just that and not have it cost you one extra cent.

Here’s how.

When people land on a website, this is what they really want to know:

  • Why this? (Why would this product or service suit me?)
  • Why you? (Why should I buy it from you?)
  • Why now? (Why should I buy it now, and not later?)

If you can answer those three questions in the first few paragraphs, you have a great chance of converting traffic into sales.

But there’s one extra thing you do that will make the choice a no-brainer (and we all want no-brainers, don’t we?).

And that’s to include an offer. Offers (or incentives) are imperative because they make people sit up and take notice. Offers should stop the reader dead in their tracks and make them say ‘I want that!’. If you don’t have an offer, it’s too easy for the reader to click out and move on. Even if they’re interested in your product, they won’t stop to do anything about it because they’re just too darn busy. They’ll probably say, ‘That looks interesting – I must get around to getting one of those.’

And of course, that day never comes. So how does it actually work?

The principle behind Offers is very simple:

  • Offers stop people from moving on.
  • Offers force the reader to take action.

Once you have intrigued your reader enough to keep them reading until the end of the page, you need to get them to DO something.

This could be any one of the following:

  • Click on a button
  • Send an email
  • Go to a store
  • Fill out a coupon/form
  • Make a telephone call

What they all have in common is that they involve an action. That’s our objective – to get our reader to do one or more of these things.

The big question

How do we get the reader to be sufficiently inspired to want to take action? Well, we need to motivate them.

How do we do that? It’s simple. We think about who they are, what they need, what’s important to them and come up with an idea that’s relevant, timely, interesting and genuine.

Here are some examples:

  • A carpet-cleaning business may offer a fourth room cleaned for free
  • A fitness centre might offer a free dietary consultation or a free personal training session upon joining
  • A florist may offer free chocolates with every Valentine’s Day purchase
  • A hairdresser might offer a free 15 minute head massage with every colour
  • A hotel might offer a free meal in the restaurant with every weekend package purchased
  • An interior designer could offer a free e-book about colour co-ordination for the bedroom

The secret to creating great offers is to offer the reader something interesting and relevant to their needs.

There’s no point offering a free carpet cleaning with every gym membership sold, or a free 15-minute head massage with every bunch of flowers sold. Neither of these offers is targeted or relevant to the consumer.

You’ll also notice that all the offers listed above cost very little to provide, yet have great intrinsic value to the customer.

How to make a customer choose your product over the competitors

In many cases, what we’re trying to do is convince the customer to come with us; to buy our product. There are other competing products out there, bursting to get noticed, so all we have to do is offer something that they’re not offering, and we’ve won our customer over.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to convert a customer over to another supplier but there always has to be a reason for them to do so.

Providing a great offer can help bring that customer over. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to create a compelling offer.

Why offers help increase profit

Including a few chocolates with the Valentine’s Day flowers may cost under $5 but the value of the entire purchase of flowers could be well over $100.

The gym membership offer of a free dietary consultation may cost up to $30 but the gym membership could be worth well over $500 per year, or more.

People love to get something for nothing, no matter how small the offer might be.

If you haven’t already got an offer listed on your home page, have a think about something that’s inexpensive, relevant and provides great value you can provide your readers. It’ll be the best investment you’ve made in generating new leads and building your all important database.