How to profit from the Internet of Things


Kevin Bloch – CiSCO

If you’d like a beginners’ guide to the Internet of Things, this episode is for you.

Kevin Bloch is the Chief Technologist at CiSCO (Australia and NZ). He knows more about the Internet of Things (IoT) than most because his company builds the circuits and sensors that underpin it. Few industries will escape disruption so if you have a vested interest in keeping your business ahead of the IoT curve, you should listen to this podcast.

In this episode, Kevin reveals:

  • Why companies only have three years or less to make the move to digital or risk being eliminated altogether
  • How the transport industry is leading the way in the uptake of the IoT and how this disruption will influence hundreds of other sectors
  • Why millions of workers will lose their jobs in the next five year and how this displacement will affect the Australian economy
  • How to prevent your company from being a casualty of the IoT and how to identify the impact the IoT will have on your sector
  • Why service industries are well placed to survive massive disruption more so than data-based industries
  • How industries (like accountancy, aged care, education etc) can future-proof their business and how the IoT can help them create points of difference
  • square-o
    How the IoT helps companies use big data to make sophisticated decisions that outperform any decision a human could make

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