How long will it take before your company is hacked?


Tom Crampton – Trusted Impact

It’s not a matter of if your company will be hacked. It’s a matter of when it will be hacked.  That’s the opinion of Tom Crampton, one of Australia’s most respected cyber security experts. Cyber-attacks could bring a business to its knees within seconds and even with the most stringent security plans in place, it could still happen. This podcast with Tom outlines what every business needs to know about cyber-attacks, how to prevent them and what to do if you are attacked.

In this episode, Tom reveals:

  • How to train your staff to spot cyber-attacks before they occur
  • How to manage a cyber-attack if it happens
  • Why lack of leadership is the number one problem that leads to a cyber attack
  • Strategies for how to tell clients that data about them has been accessed
  • Why using duplicate passwords for multiple accounts is the fastest way to invite a cyber hack
  • How to limit the damage of a cyber-attack if it does happen

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