How coworking spaces can drive growth, development and innovation: Alex Hillman, Indy Hall

Alex Hillman, Indy Hall

Few know more about the benefits of coworking than Alex Hillman, founder of the world’s first coworking space, Indy Hall. He comes highly recommended. Here’s what the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, said about him:

Alex Hillman helped establish this city as an emerging hub for innovators, founders and creators. If you’re looking to build a community, these are the folks to learn from’.

In this podcast, Anna reveals:

  • How he founded the world’s first coworking space
  • What makes a good coworking space
  • Who uses them and why some of the world’s largest companies are getting onboard
  • The qualities and characteristics of successful businesses/entrepreneurs who use coworking spaces
  • How you can develop strong connections and collaborative partnerships from being in a coworking space
  • How coworking spaces can drive growth, development and innovation
  • The innovative programs being offered (accelerators and incubators) that make coworking spaces attractive to the start-up sector
  • Success stories about enterprises that have started in coworking spaces

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