How a 1-minute phone call generated $1000

How many of us love following up with clients? Not many, right.

Here’s a quick, true story to show you how one phone-call generated $1000 in sales.

I had a call from a lady interested in enrolling in one of our copywriting courses.

She said she’d deposit the enrolment fee directly into our business bank account.

After a while, I noticed that this hadn’t happened. But like most people, I got caught up in other things and promptly forgot about it. When I did think about it, I just assumed she’d lost interest, got busy or chose not to do the course.

However, as I was going back through my diary, I found her number and decided I’d give her a call to follow up.

I left a message and she rang me back the next day.

Turns out she’d misplaced the account number which is why she didn’t enrol.

I gave the number to her over the phone – and voila, she’s now enrolled.

We’re both winners. She’ll get information at the course that will change her life and I have a new client.

What are you and your potential clients missing out on by you failing to follow up?