How to create instant content – without writing a word

The Un-Copywriters Guide To Content Creation.

When it comes to offering prospects and customers a chance to ‘get to know you’, content marketing is the name of the game. But for many, creating content – writing blogs, running webinars, writing emails – is time consuming, expensive and hit and miss.

However James Tuckerman, founder of entrepreneurial online magazine Anthill Online, has an ingenious method for creating content on the run. I recently interviewed him for an episode of “Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs”, and he shared with me this amazing nugget of wisdom that will have you creating content in a jiffy – without even picking up a pen!

Hold on tight, this will blow you away. The simplicity of it, yet the sheer efficiency of it is so impressive.

Here’s what he does:

  • He interviews a SME (subject matter expert)
  • He records a conversation with on his smart phone using the ‘voice memo’ function. (You can download it from the App Store for free)
  • He sends the recording to get transcribed
  • That transcription becomes a series of blogs
  • The blogs become “Cheat Sheets”
  • The “Cheat Sheets” become Infographics
  • The blogs and infographics become an eBook
  • The eBook becomes an online mini-course
  • The online mini course becomes a webinar series
  • The webinar series gets put on iTunes as a podcast

Just slice and dice! What an awesome way to create great content instantly!