— Course 7 —

Webinars That Wow!

Learn how to use webinars to reach more customers or staff more often. Bring the team together virtually and cut your costs.

Duration: 1.5 days


Training your team or is important but it’s expensive, especially if they are located nationally.  Not anymore.

Few companies have the budget to fly their team in for a day every time they need upskilling. Likewise, connecting with large groups of customers is tricky as people are busy and won’t turn up to educational events like they used to. That’s where webinars come in. Webinars are inexpensive to produce and can be used for a range of purposes.

Watch the brief video on this page of a recent 'Webinars that Wow' workshop.  This financial planning firm wanted to use webinars to connect with their customers around the country - to educate them, introduce new products, conduct Q and As and more.   

As you'll see, each participant gets to set up, write and deliver their own webinar.   It's hands-on, great fun and very interactive. 

This workshop gives detailed, step by step instructions that enables every member of the team - even those who 'hate' technology - the skills and confidence to use webinars with ease.

They can be used to:
  • Build relationships with your audience
  • Raise your image as Thought Leader or Expert
  • Find and connect with a customer or a client and create a flow of qualified leads coming to you
  • Sell and inform your audience of features and benefits with the intent to close a sale or transaction
  • Demonstrate, show and explain how something works or is made
  • Teach, inform or present information to your audience that increases their knowledge and understanding.

Whatever purpose you may have, webinars are an important training tool and growing in popularity but few people know how how to use them properly. In this course, your team will learn how to 

  • write webinar content that is directly connected to your organisation goals and outcomes
  • present that webinar content to small or large groups in a compelling and entertaining fashion 
  • understand the control panels and all aspects of the webinar technology so they feel confident delivering a webinar independently
  • schedule, host and organise a webinar, solve tech-based issues, trouble shoot audience questions and manage a large groups of participants.
How are we different:
  • This is a hands-on, practical session that teaches everyone to both create webinar content and deliver a webinar session
  • Each participant gets a chance to experience the key roles of being both the panellist and the organiser
  • Each participant learns how to create high quality webinar content using industry standard layout and templates
  • Each participant will use the webinar technology and deliver a live webinar to the other participants
  • and using webinar technology
  • This is not just a tech lesson but a digital marketing masterclass in creating a far reaching global content plan using low cost technology
What you’ll get:
  • Comprehensive notes and action plans
  • Sample slide decks to use as reference guides
  • Step by step instructions on how to create and deliver content
  • Training videos
  • Hands on practical training with webinar technology
  • This is not just a tech lesson but a digital marketing masterclass in creating a far reaching global content plan using low cost technology


"How huge can this be? A great introductory session to webinars. I rate it 10/10."
Jessica Higgins, Financial Planner, Catholic Super

"What an excellent guide Bernadette is! Such a resource!"
Peter Naumenko, Financial Planner, Catholic Super

"This is a game changer for marketing. So valuable, so cost effective."
Petra, Assistant Marketing Manager, Catholic Super.