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Storytelling for Business Leaders

Learn how to tell a business story that connects. Discover the process Hollywood’s top scriptwriters use to tell compelling stories and turn every case study into a compelling sales opportunity.

Duration: ½ day


Storytelling for Business Leaders teaches you how to influence, engage and inspire others.

In this fast-moving and hectic world, leaders need to be able to grab their audiences instantly and hold that attention – stories are the key.

But how do you tell a story, and more importantly, how do you tell a business story that connects to your business objectives? How do you turn boring facts and case studies into compelling stories that make people ‘lean in’ and listen.

What you’ll learn:

In this dynamic and entertaining workshop, you’ll learn:

  • how to elicit stories from others, build stronger connections and use stories to make real and lasting change
  • discover the 6-step Hero’s Journey process all the Hollywood screenwriters use that keep audiences on the edge of their seat
  • realise why facts tell but stories sell and why people switch on the moment they hear, ‘I’ll give you an example’
  • learn how to construct, structure and deliver an inspiring story that fits your needs and audience
  • be given the top 5 story prompts to use as a guide for telling your story
  • understand why the story of the ‘one’ versus ‘the many’ always gets a better response
  • create a framework for telling stories that help you and others generate a library of business stories
  • square-o
    how to deliver a story with style, impact and confidence
Who should attend:
  • Leaders who need to get the attention of their staff, stakeholders or customers
  • CEOs who want to deliver an inspiring presentation to their team
  • Speakers who know they need to tell more stories but don’t know how
  • Anyone in a position of authority who wants to inspire others to change their beliefs or behaviours
How are we different:
  • Our trainers are scriptwriters and authors who are skilled in both writing and performing and can guide the storytelling process with skill
  • All trainers have extensive business credentials and work as professional actors in film, stage and TV
  • We use the process that legendary Hollywood heavyweights use to write their blockbuster movies
What you’ll get:
  • One to one feedback 
  • Personalised coaching
  • Video feedback
  • square-o
    Customised learning plan for future development
  • square-o
    An ebook – Top 10 Mistakes All Presenters Make When Speaking In Public

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"The calibre of guest speakers which Toyota Australia provides at their dealer training courses has always been high, but they went to a totally new level by using Bernadette Schwerdt. Not only was Bernadette’s speech thoroughly entertaining and engaging, it also provided attendees with some savvy, straight forward techniques which could be used on a daily basis to improve their verbal and written communication skills. I’m not someone who often gives a 10 out of 10 – and I won’t now. I’m giving a 12."
Tania Hall, Marketing Manager, Toyota, Jarvis Cars

"This workshop showed me it’s important in terms of understanding the key elements of an effective presentation. The session on storytelling was the most useful."
Executive Manager, Commonwealth Financial Planning, Commonwealth Bank

"The amazing transition from start to finish with great support and a comfortable environment to learn in. Thank you Bernadette, you’re the best. How enjoyable was the session? 10/10"
Jenna Vine, CEO, Engineers Australia

"Bernadette’s workshop made me realise that by having sufficient rehearsals, I can manage my nerves. Her workshop had good interaction and was very relevant to my day to day work. I enjoyed the sessions on creating an opening statement and storytelling. I rate this session 10/10."
Yulia Tohin, Wealth Management, Commonwealth Bank