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The Virtual Presenter

3D hologram technology is here and you can use it in your small business today!

Learn how to be in multiple places at once - without leaving the office.


What is the Virtual Presenter?

In a world of clutter and white noise, it’s hard to get people’s attention. But wait until you see this! This revolutionary 3D system enables you to present in public without being there! That’s right. A 3D representation of you delivers the message while you’re elsewhere. It’s hard to explain so just take a look at this video and it will tell the story.

​Want to be in two places at once? Want to be seen as an industry leader?

If you’re like most business owners, you want to demonstrate to others that you’re at the cutting edge of technology? So here’s your chance to catch the next big wave in technology and use the latest 3D hologram technology in your business.This technology is paving the way of the future and it’s your chance to get on board early. In fact, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. And it’s not as expensive as you think.

Take a look at what the package offers. We:
  • write the script for you
  • source the actor/model who will best fit your brand - or you can be the presenter
  • film you using our advanced 3D holographic video cameras
  • edit the footage, create a beautiful piece of film for you to review and approve

Using a short-throw data projector, the film can now be projected onto specially prepared ‘3D boards’ to create the 3D version of your presentation.

We provide the entire kit – the 3D board, the data projector, the carry case, the stand, the footage - everything! You’re ready to go!

So simple and easy to use

Designed for today’s savvy business owner, this product is an innovative way to draw attention to your brand in virtually any location. It is:

  • Simple to set up and easy to store
  • Completely portable
  • Re-usable - we can write new scripts for you at any time - you can reuse the hardware over and over
  • It’s just like setting up a slide show using a data projector
How long will it take to produce?

2 weeks, from start to finish

  • You’ll come to our office and record the script.
  • We produce it all on-site
  • We send you the package via courier to your office
What you’ll get:
  • One to one feedback 
  • Personalised coaching using video playback and facilitated group discussion
  • Customised learning plan for future development so the learning continues long after the training day is over
  • A complimentary 27-page ebook – “Top 10 Mistakes All Presenters Make When Speaking In Public”

Read more about our popular ‘Presenting with Influence – Online Coaching’ package.

Can’t get to a face to face workshop? Online coaching also available.

If you can’t make it to a workshop, or you want to be coached in private, or you need help NOW for an important presentation, stay where you are and we’ll come to you – virtually!


"I was hesitant before coming here. I had to dip into my savings for Europe, but today changed my life! It will build your self-confidence and transform your speaking. In under an hour, the room went from novices to being able to speak on the circuit! Thanks!."
Caitlin Figueiredo, Ambassador, Alannah & Madeline Foundation

"Do yourself a favour and enrol! How enjoyable was the session? 11/10."
Matt Eggins, Public Relations, Dept of Employment

"Dynamic, engaging, compelling content tips & tools to build confidence and clarity for impactful public speaking and presentations. I gave it a 10/10."
Natalina Morelli, Marketing Manager, Maroondah City Council

"The session is a great blueprint for how to develop and deliver at public speaking events. A must! How enjoyable was the session? 10/10"
Kelly Canavan, Accountant, Australian Taxation Office

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