— Course 1B —

Presenting with Influence –
Online Coaching

If you need to improve your presentation skills but can’t get to a face-to-face workshop, this is the package for you.

Duration: 3 sessions – conducted online


Get personalised coaching from one of Australia’s most sought-after presentation skills coaches and take your public speaking skills to the next level.

You’ll get honest, personalised feedback on an existing or new presentation, help with writing and structuring your presentation, insights into how you are being perceived by the audience and how to manage that perception and project the image you want.

You’ll also get all your questions answered about how to manage difficult, stressful or tricky situations that occur on and off stage, before, during or after your presentation.

If you or your team have an important presentation you need to prepare for, this service is fast, efficient and it gets results.

Topics include:
  • Clarifying your presentation’s objective
  • Writing your presentation
  • Creating vocal power
  • Crafting stories that match your objective
  • Devising metaphors and analogies that spark interest
  • Creating your visual aids
  • Managing your audience dynamics
  • Dealing with tricky questions from the audience
  • Handling difficult or stressful situations
  • What to wear and how to prepare
    …and much more.
Who should attend:
  • Professional speakers who want to fine tune their skills
  • CEOs, politicians or high-profile personalities who prefer to be coached in private
  • Busy executives who can’t get away from the office but need training
  • Managers who need instant help with a presentation and can’t afford time out of the office to get it
What you’ll get:
  • Private feedback so you can take risks and not lose face
  • Personalised coaching that focuses on your specific needs and purpose
  • Support prior to, during and after the presentation
  • Speech writing support (we can even write the speech for you)
  • square-o
    A complimentary 27-page ebook – “Top 10 Mistakes All Presenters Make When Speaking In Public”
How are we different:
  • A complimentary 27-page ebook – “Top 10 Mistakes All Presenters Make When Speaking In Public”
  • We can be available at short notice
  • You can receive help with writing the speech as well as delivering it

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"I was hesitant before coming here. I had to dip into my savings for Europe, but today changed my life! It will build your self-confidence and transform your speaking. In under an hour, the room went from novices to being able to speak on the circuit! Thanks!."
Caitlin Figueiredo, Ambassador, Alannah & Madeline Foundation

"Do yourself a favour and enrol! How enjoyable was the session? 11/10."
Matt Eggins, Public Relations, Dept of Employment

"Dynamic, engaging, compelling content tips & tools to build confidence and clarity for impactful public speaking and presentations. I gave it a 10/10."
Natalina Morelli, Marketing Manager, Maroondah City Council

"The session is a great blueprint for how to develop and deliver at public speaking events. A must! How enjoyable was the session? 10/10"
Kelly Canavan, Accountant, Australian Taxation Office