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Presenting with Influence –

Learn how to prepare and present your key corporate messages and deliver them with confidence and conviction.

Duration: 1-day workshop

Learning how to speak with charisma, confidence and clarity is no longer a 'nice to have' skill. It's a critical leadership 'must have' skill that has the potential to influence your next promotion (and your pay packet). 

Presenting for Influence is a comprehensive public speaking training system for creating highly effective presentations. Based on rigorous study of the best public speakers in the world, this course shows you how to select your topic, craft your content, tell powerful stories, and master your delivery. 

This workshop will shorten your learning curve, save yourself years of trial and error and teach you the blueprint for creating a winning presentation. 

If you have to deliver speeches, sales pitches, media comments or facilitate training, Q&A sessions or panels, this workshop will give you the confidence to perform at your best. 

You’ll get honest, personalised feedback on an existing or new presentation, help with writing and structuring your presentation, insights into how you are being perceived by the audience and how to manage that perception and project the image you want.

You’ll also get all your questions answered about how to manage difficult, stressful or tricky situations that occur on and off stage, before, during or after your presentation.

If you or your team have an important presentation you need to prepare for, this service is fast, efficient and it gets results.

Here's what your team will learn when they enrol in our Presenting for Influence workshop: 

1. Preparation

  • Organising your message – what’s the moral of the story?
  • Researching techniques – accessing facts, figures and images quickly and easily
  • Mindfulness and relaxation – essential tools for remaining calm and collected
  • Delivering off-the-cuff presentations – tips and tricks to get you off the hook
  • Using speech templates and structures – for creating instant presentations
  • Speaker etiquette – how to get tech crew, clients and fellow speakers on side

2. Persuasion

  • Using archetypal storytelling templates – the art of influence and being memorable
  • Mastering humour – get this wrong and you’ll never work again
  • Rehearsal and warm up exercises – how to prepare like a professional
  • Stagecraft – take control of the space and make it work for you
  • Microphone techniques - what to do, what not to do

  • Writing ice-breakers and credibility statements – establishing your authority to speak

3. Performing 

  • Conquering nerves – convert nervous energy into confidence
  • Handling technical glitches – contingency plans and scripts to cover every situation
  • Making the most of your voice – increasing vocal power, articulation, range and tone
  • Body language – how to use your hands and how to stand
  • Rehearsed gestures – how to use gestures effectively
  • Eye contact – how to build a personal connection with audiences big and small
How is this workshop different to other workshops? 

Many presentation skills workshops are run my ex journalists or PR people, or actors who have only worked as actors. That’s fine, but can they teach you how to both prepare business content as well as deliver it? When did they last pitch for a large piece of business or be grilled by an agitated audience? How have they honed their skills that give them the authority to train on a topic that can only be learned by doing? Choose your trainers carefully. Just learning how to ‘relax’ or ‘breathe’ is not enough and you should expect more from your trainers.

If you need your team to be trained by people who speak and present for a living and have endured the ‘rough and tumble’ of dealing with a wide range of audiences and business environments, we are the team who can help you.

Our trainers walk the talk. Check out this brief showreel of the course director, Bernadette Schwerdt and see how our trainers perform when the pressure is on. 

What you’ll get:
  • One to one feedback and personalised coaching 
  • Video-based feedback
  • Customised learning plan for future development
  • Small group sizes to ensure personalised attention
Who should attend:
  • Managers who need present at meetings, conferences, tenders, pitches
  • Executives who want to improve the professional image
  • Sales teams who want to fine tune their business stories and win new business
  • Professional speakers wanting to learn some new ‘tricks’ to add to their suite of tools
  • Authors wanting to use speaking as a promotional tool
This workshop is available as:
  • 1-day workshop
  • 1-day workshop + ½ day follow-up
  • 1-hour keynote/Executive Preview session
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Special offer:

All attendees receive a free copy of the 10-page eBook, ‘Top 10 Mistakes All Presenters Make When Speaking in Public’ by Bernadette Schwerdt. 

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"This is the best professional development course I have ever done – ever. I highly recommend it. "
Matt Eggins, Media and Speech Writing Unit, Australian Government of Employment and Broadcaster for ABC News Radio

"I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone looking for ideas about how they can improve their presenting, their speaking skills. Great ideas about structure. Great ideas about body language and how to communicate. Highly recommended."
Joseph McCaroll, Assistant Director, International Engagement and Strategy, Department of Communications and the Arts

"The calibre of guest speakers which Toyota Australia provide at their dealer training courses has always been high, but they went to a totally new level by using Bernadette Schwerdt. I’m not someone who often gives a 10 out of 10 – and I won’t now. I’m giving a 12."
Tania Hall, Toyota