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Digital Marketing Essentials Masterclass

Learn how to market your small business using the latest digital marketing tools, tips and technology. Spend less, make more.

Duration: 1/2 day or 1 day

Few business owners have the time to think deeply about their marketing activities yet it’s one of the most important drivers of leads, sales and profits.

This workshop gives them the time they need to complete this most basic (but important) work.
With a host of digital tools and ideas at their disposal, yet little understanding of the merits of each, how does a business owner build a comprehensive digital strategy that enables them to fully embrace all the opportunities open to them and to do so in a methodical and structured way?

This workshop will enable participants to start with a clean sheet and to devise their digital marketing strategy from the ground up.

Participants will leave with a deep understanding of how they can market their business in a cost-effective, streamlined manner that enables them to take advantage of all the digital tools on offer; and to make decisions based on real-world data rather than on ‘gut feel’.

Every business owner needs to create a digital strategy that increase sales and brand visibility – this course will show you how.

What you’ll learn:
  • identify and monetise niche markets (locally and globally) to deepen your market penetration, reduce your marketing costs and increase profit
  • test and trial new marketing initiatives that minimise risk and maximise market opportunities
  • implement the principles of rapid prototyping to fast-track innovation and creativity within your business
  • build a database quickly and with virtually zero outlay using automation software that generates sales and leads with minimal effort
  • create content for your website and email newsletters quickly and easily that gets results and drives profitable actions (without even writing a word)
  • manage your online reputation (both your own personal brand and your business brand) to increase visibility, sales and media opportunities
  • identify your areas of expertise so you can become a thought leader in your industry
  • neutralise competitors and turn them into collaborators for mutual gain – why collaborate, what to collaborate on, and how best to work with collaborators

Bernadette’s digital marketing essentials course in action

How are we different:
  • This workshop has been tested on over 100 business owners with turnovers in excess of $50 million.
  • Their contributions and feedback contribute to the content of this course and have made it the go-to marketing course for those who need practical, real-world advice.
  • The course content is structured to maximise results for businesses who don’t use advertising agencies or who have in-house marketing teams
  • The course is tailored for those who don’t like wasting money on fancy branding concepts but want a digital marketing strategy that keeps them relevant, in the game and up to date with best practice and industry standards.
What you’ll get:
  • Comprehensive notes, template sheets and checklists
  • Access and referrals to the trainer’s roster of creative professionals 
  • Customised training materials based on your company’s collateral
  • Feedback on the work produced during the workshop
  • Facilitated group discussion to improve creative processes
  • Customised learning plan for future development

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"Thank you for your engaging presentation last week as a part of Business Week, it was a great event to kick of the week and we have received fantastic feedback about your presentation. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope you would consider presenting at future events."
Natalie Schetzer, Acting Business Marketing Communications Officer, Whitehorse City Council

"Thank you so much, our delegates just loved Bernadette’s session! Rated as the best speaker of the conference, Bernadette was able to provide education in an engaging and entertaining way. She delivered beyond our expectations. Thank you’"
Sharon Lameris, Education & Policy Manager – Strata Community Australia

"Congratulations on your superb presentation at our Adelaide Business Networking luncheon. The event was a great success and enjoyed immensely by all those in attendance. We look forward to your continued participation in our future activities and events"
Lynette Palmen, AM, Founder and Managing Director Womens Network Australia