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How a 1-minute phone call generated $1000

How many of us love following up with clients? Not many, right.Here’s a quick, true story to show you how one phone-call generated $1000 in sales.I had a call from a lady interested in enrolling in one of our copywriting courses.She said she’d deposit the enrolment fee directly into our business bank account.After a while, […]

5 ways to keep your marketing toolkit relevant

Your Marketing Toolkit – What You Should Have In It And WhyKeeping up with what’s new and happening in business is one of the hardest battles for small business owners right now.It’s even more challenging if the business owner is located in isolated or rural areas and has limited contact with other business professionals.Things are […]

Have you ever Googled your competition?

Do you ever take the time to find out what your competitors are doing?Do you even know who your most threatening competitors are?Denial is not just the biggest river in Egypt – it’s what business owners are in if they don’t know how their competitors are.It never ceases to amaze me that people set up […]

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