How did two brothers disrupt four sectors and build an empire of digital businesses that they sold for over $1 billion?

A practical, funny, no-bull guide packed with:

  • hints and tips to define, disrupt and dominate a sector or industry
  • lessons in customer acquisition, PR, buying and trading, and engaging investors
  • market-tested strategies for building big brands, creating high-performing teams and fostering a world-class entrepreneurial culture  


My third book, Catch of the Decade, was ghostwritten for Gabby and Hezi Leibovich and reveals their incredible story. 

Gabby and Hezi Leibovich: the brothers who revolutionised the retail, services, food and travel industries with their iconic businesses, including Catch of the Day, Scoopon and Eatnow (now Menulog). 

For the first time, Gabby and Hezi share how they used grit, determination and chutzpah to go from a small market stall to business exits worth over a billion dollars. 

Start your entrepreneurial journey now. Catch of the Decade is the guide for anyone who hopes to bring an exciting business idea to life. 

Who should read this book: 

  • 1
    Entrepreneurs – Catch of the Decade is by entrepreneurs-at-heart, just like you. If two shmucks like us can do it, what’s stopping you? Everyone can be an entrepreneur.
  • 2
    Aspiring Professionals – Are you a student or professional newcomer? Catch of the Decade is the critical course colleges don’t (yet) offer.
  • 3
    Retailers and eCommerce Professionals – When we started Catch, no-one wanted to sell goods to us because we only sold online. But after 2020, we all know that online shopping is the future. This book is the bible for that ecommerce future.
  • 4
    Food and Restaurant Professionals – In 2012, when we were still calling Gino's Pizza to order our capricciosa, we launched EatNow, which later merged with Menulog, and introduced us all to ordering takeaway on our phones. Learn how to embrace the disruption and stop others from eating your lunch.
  • 5
    Digital Startup Teams – Whether you’re the programmer or the photographer, or if you work in SEO, finance or warehousing, our lessons and take-home learnings will help you take your team to the next level.
  • 6
    Marketers – Marketing massive brands from scratch is not an easy task. It takes resourcefulness, grit, and a can-do attitude, and you’ll find all of that in more in this book.
  • 7
    Second Careerist – Disruption leads to opportunity. We know it might be tough out there right now. With Catch of the Decade, you’ll have some chutzpah, find that elusive third door, and gain the confidence to succeed in your next move.
  • 8
    Travel Industry Professionals – We merged our businesses, Scoopon Travel and BonVoyage, with Luxury Escapes to become the leading local travel website. The travel industry might have taken a year off, but it will come back stronger than ever before. This book will help you to be ready for the next wave.


Learn how to launch, build and sell a digital business


Back in 2006, Catch was launched by two brothers who  had a vision to change the way people shopped online. 

How do two immigrant brothers with no money, limited industry knowledge, amateur technical skills and strong accents (that hasn’t changed much) build some of Australia’s most successful digital businesses with a combined exit valued at more than $1 billion?

It’s a good question. We get asked it a lot, which is why we wrote this book.

You may not recognise our names or faces, but you’ll almost certainly know some of the brands we built, sold and/or merged for more than $1 billion after just 13 years in business.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Catchoftheday: Australia’s most popular shopping site, now
  • EatNow/Menulog: an app that revolutionised the food delivery business
  • Scoopon: a major disruptor in the services and entertainment sector
  • Luxury Escapes: a travel deal site that made luxury travel affordable for all.

How did we build these brands, and more importantly, how did we sell them for a huge amount? Not by watching midday TV, working a nine-to-five job or borrowing money from a rich uncle to give things a go. We built these brands with our bare hands, doing everything ourselves (surrounded by great people, of course) and by doing it the hard way.

But what does ‘doing it the hard way’ even mean?

This book tells it all: The ups and downs, successes and failures, 200+ proven lessons that will hopefully inspire you to get out there and do it!

We were through it all and we are here to tell you the full story.

Ghostwritten by Bernadette Schwerdt

Bernadette Schwerdt is a keynote speaker, author and corporate trainer. 

She is the founder of the Australian School of Copywriting, the head copywriting tutor at Australian Writers Centre, and a former senior account director with global advertising agency Wunderman Cato Johnson Advertising where she created award-winning campaigns for clients such as Apple, American Express and BHP.

What people think about the book

'The retail industry is going through a roller coaster and eCommerce is now a fact of life. I recommend all leaders in the retail industry encourage their teams to read this amazing retail business building guide.'
Dominique Lamb, CEO, National Retail Association

'The Leibovich brothers are pioneers of Australian eCommerce. You cannot afford not to read this book.'
Christine Holgate, CEO, Australia Post

'Catch is one of the great marketing success stories of Australian retail and eCommerce in Australia. It’s a brand that resonates with Australians. Other businesses come and go, but Catch outplayed them all.'
Andrew Baxter, Former CEO, Publicis

'Gabby and Hezi were always the most looked up to duo in eCommerce and truly taught me how to trade.'
Nick Molnar, Co-founder, AfterPay

'Gabby and his brother Hezi are pioneers and innovators who helped shape a retail revolution – fifteen years at the forefront of eCommerce in Australia. Their journey, captured in this book is a source of inspiration, and a mine of wisdom for retailers, for start-ups, and for all students of the pioneer spirit.'
Richard Umbers, Former CEO, Myer

Learn from those that have built one of Australia’s early online success stories; a must-read for all startups, entrepreneurs and retailers – I am in.'
Steve Baxter, Co-founder, TEN13 and 'Shark' on Shark Tank Australia

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