Are you happy with your website?

Here’s how to make it better – quickly.

A recent survey conducted by MYOB found that over 55.3% of businesses went bankrupt in their first year of operation. Businesses go bust for lots of reasons but according to the survey, over 77% of those businesses that went bust didn’t have a website. Mmm, could be a clue as to why they didn’t survive.

I run copywriting workshops and seminars around the country and I often run a poll by asking: “Who is happy with their website?” Only a few game devils dare to put their hand up. The rest? Well, it appears they’re just ‘making do’ until they have time to focus on their site.

And that’s the thing – no one has time to focus on their site yet for most businesses, it’s the first point of contact their customer sees – so why wouldn’t you make it a priority?

If you have a website and you’re just ‘making do’, here’s a couple of suggestions to get you moving:

1. Google your competitors and see where they come up – if they come up on page one, chances are what they’re doing is working so you may like to take a closer look to see if you can learn a few ideas from what they’re doing.

2. Google your business using some basic search terms that your customers might use to find you, and see where it comes up on the search results page – if you’re on page two or beyond, you’re in big trouble. You may need to engage an SEO copywriter to help you improve your ranking.

3. Attend a course in SEO copywriting so you can learn how to write optimised copy that will improve your search rankings. Like anything, it takes time to learn but once you have that skill under your hat, you’ll never have to employ an expensive SEO copywriter ever again.

4. Consider adding a newsletter sign-up to your home page so that any visitors passing by can sign-up to receive your information. This is vital if you want to build a database. Without an email sign-up facility, all those hard-won visitors will just leave and chances are you’ll never see them again – what a waste!

5. When creating a newsletter, don’t just give it a boring old title like Spring Issue or Volume 2 – give it a nifty title that will have them salivating.
They’ll only sign up if you offer them something that’s relevant and valuable – make sure the title reflects what they want to receive.

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