3 reasons why women make great online entrepreneurs

Bernadette Schwerdt is an Online Marketing Strategist; the host of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald’s online video show ‘Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs’ and the author of a new book of the same name. Bernadette is in a unique position to reveal the inner-most secrets behind how and why these outstanding business owners have risen to the top of their fields and become industry disruptors that have shaken their industries to the core.

Here the Business Speaker shares the 3 reasons women make great entrepreneurs and gives 5 tips for becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

It’s now cool to be an entrepreneur

About ten years ago someone I respect said to me, ‘You’re so entrepreneurial!’ To be honest, it felt like a slap in the face; an insult. Back then it was not cool to be an entrepreneur. But now, it’s a compliment; almost a badge of honour to be called an entrepreneur. My, how times have changed.

‘Entrepreneur’ is no longer a dirty word, and that’s a good thing because entrepreneurs are the backbone of small business and the economic drivers of this country. And guess who’s leading the entrepreneurial charge? Women.

Women are the driving force

I’ve just written a book documenting the success stories of some of our most successful entrepreneurs and in particular, online entrepreneurs, and it seems that women are also the driving force behind online entrepreneurship. Here’s why:

They crave flexibility

The traditional workplace with its 9-5pm structure doesn’t suit a lot of women, especially those with small children, so working online from home at a time convenient to them is always going to be an attractive option.

They control the purse strings

Women are generally the shoppers for their family so they’re in tune with what problems or unmet needs other women have. This gives them a direct insight into what potential businesses could work and provides the launch pad for targeted products and services that have been the solution to age-old problems. For example, I created an online copywriting training course because I knew that the vast majority of my prospects were just like me – mothers of small children who wanted to work but couldn’t or didn’t want to compromise their family time. My course answered a direct and pressing need – to help mothers make money whilst working flexibly from home that would enable them to express their creative and intellectual muscles.  Because I knew exactly what they needed I was able to create a product that solved their problems.

They value passion over profit

Aged in her 70s, Stephanie Alexander could have been forgiven if she wanted to retire, take a seniors cruise on the Danube and spend her mornings playing bridge. But she had a passion to share her recipes with a new generation of cooks so she built an app to do it.

By her own admission ‘she had no idea how to do it’ but that didn’t stop her either. The app has over 2000 recipes on it and it’s a massive hit. When I interviewed Stephanie for my book, my final question to her was: Do you ever get sick of cooking? Her answer: “Never”. A clear indication that if you can find a passion for what you do you’ll never work another day in your life.

How to work and still be present for your family

These three drivers are not the exclusive domain of female entrepreneurs.  But for many women, the pressing need to be close to their families whilst contributing to the workforce and earning money is a big reason we’ve seen a surge in female online entrepreneurs.

Here are some tips for those who want to set up an online business but don’t know how to get started:

Top 5 tips for becoming a successful online entrepreneur

  • Don’t get hung up on technology. If you can’t do it, outsource it.
  • Share your ideas with everyone. Don’t worry – no one will steal your idea. Talk your idea up; often and loudly.
  • Build a prototype as quickly as you can and get feedback on it.
  • Learn from your mistakes – failure isn’t failure, it’s feedback.
  • Don’t wait for it to be perfect before launching. Done is better than perfect.

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