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Best-selling author, ghost-writer, blogger and copywriter

Author of  ‘How to Build an Online Business’ and ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’
(ranked in the Top 100 Business Books of 2016 and 2017).

Co-author of 'How to Build a Billion Dollar Business' with Radek Sali, the former CEO of Swisse Vitamins.

Ghost-writer of 'How to Build a Business Others Want to Buy' for Kobi Simmat, one of Australia's most successful business coaches and business improvement experts.

Ghost-writer of 'Catch of the Decade' for Gabby and Hezi Leibovich, the founders of Catch of the Day, Menulog, and Scoopon.

Editor and book coach of 'Find, Build, Sell' for Stephen Hunt, one of Australia's most successful publicans.

Book coach for 'Very Good Marketing Guide' for Amy Miocevich, founder of Lumos Marketing.

Book mentor of 'Survivor, Life in the SAS' for Mark Wales. 

Founder of the Australian School of Copywriting, creator of one of Australia’s most popular copywriting courses,
head copywriting tutor at the Australian Writers Centre
and the writing coach-of-choice for  thousands of freelance copywriters.

Creator of content - blogs, social, web, editorial - for companies too busy to do it themselves.


Australia’s top disruptors reveal their secrets for Launching and Growing an online business.

  • You’ve got a crazy idea, a fledgling business or a hobby that could be so much more. You want to take it online to become a money-making success, but how do you actually do it?
  • Features dozens of case studies from success stories such as Uber, Thankyou, Vinomofo and Booktopia.
  • This is the ultimate how-to guide for making your online endeavour a success.


How Australia's Online Mavericks, Innovators And Disruptors Built Their Businesses...
And How You Can Too.

  • Named in the Top 100 Business Books in 2016 and 2017.
  • Over two dozen 5-star reviews on Booktopia.
  • 35 brilliant online entrepreneurs reveal their start-up journeys - the tips, the tools, the techniques that took them from zero to hero.
  • Written about Australian online entrepreneurs for Australian online entrepreneurs.
  • Detailed case studies, templates, cheat sheets, checklists - a valuable resource for the novice startup; a must-have reference for the experienced business owner.


Creator of custom courses for blue-chip companies.

An accredited Train-the-Trainer and NLP-certified instructional designer.

Presenting With Influence Course 1 - Learn how to pitch, persuade and present like a pro. Minimise your nerves, maximise your confidence.

Discovery Session Course 2 - Marketing Coaching - Need mentoring? A sounding board? Get instant, expert marketing advice that makes sense and gets your business back on track.

Storytelling for Business Course 3 - Learn how to tell a business story that connects. Discover the process Hollywood’s top scriptwriters use to tell compelling stories.

Copywriting for Profit Course 4 - Learn how to write persuasive copy for websites, blogs, social and email. Access the top templates all the pro copywriters use.

Digital Essentials Course 5 - Learn how to market your small business using the latest digital marketing tools, tips and technology. Spend less, make more.

How to Build an Online Business Course 6 - Turn your hobby, passion or special knowledge into an online business and watch the passive income roll in.

Webinars That Wow! Course 7 - Learn how to use webinars to reach more customers or staff more often. Bring the team together virtually and cut your costs.

Personal Branding and Influencing Speaking Topic 6 - Learn how to build your personal brand, create your point of difference and position you and your brand as the one to trust.

NEW! The Virtual Presenter Product 1 - Learn how to be in multiple places at once - without leaving the office. 3D hologram technology is here.


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World-class experts. Real-world advice.

Discover how Australia’s top online entrepreneurs built their start-ups.

Podcaster Bernadette Schwerdt shines the light on Australia’s top digital disruptors and reveals the detailed strategies behind their success. If you have an online business and want practical advice that will help you take your business to the next level (and become the next big disruptor), these podcasts are for you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR OF "How to Build an Online Business"

Who is Bernadette Schwerdt?

Bernadette Schwerdt is a keynote speaker, author and corporate trainer. 

She is the founder of the Australian School of Copywriting, the head copywriting tutor at Australian Writers Centre, and a former senior account director with global advertising agency Wunderman Cato Johnson Advertising where she created award-winning campaigns for clients such as Apple, American Express and BHP.

She has a business degree in Marketing from the University of South Australia, is the author of the best-selling book ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’ which was named in the Top 100 Business Books for both 2016 and 2017. She is the producer of a video series of the same name for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald websites, a podcaster with MMM Radio/Podcast One and a popular TEDx speaker.

She has been a judge for the Anthill Cool Company Awards and the Online Retailers Industry Awards (ORIAs), and is regularly featured in BRW, Money magazine, HuffPost and on Sky News.


Motivational keynotes for conferences, team meetings and events.
Practical. Fun. Theatrical.

Topics: Digital Marketing, Small Business, Communication, Presentation Skills, Persuasive Writing.



"A must for anyone contemplating an online business. The entrepreneurs Bernadette has interviewed offer a wealth of information that you'd normally pay a lot of money to receive."
Ed, Melbourne

"Delighted to have been able to provide Input in this book. Well done Bernadette Schwerdt, an easy and informative read!"
Jane Huxley, Pandora Radio

"Bernadette's business experience shows in her writing style and how she's presented the info, including the topics she has chosen. It is refreshing to read a business book that gets to the point and is very real world focused. Well worth getting."
David Lennon, Business Coach

"I loved the tips, the well thought out flow of 'how to' and how inspired I felt after reading it!"
Ceclia, NSW

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Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs
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