— Course 6 —

How to Build an Online Business

Turn your hobby, passion or special knowledge into an online business and watch the passive income roll in.

Duration: 1 day or 2 ½ day sessions


Want an online business that helps you turn your passion or hobby into profit?

Discover how Australia’s top online entrepreneurs built their online businesses and how you can too. This workshop will give you the skills to take your existing online presence and super-charge it to maximise the opportunities available.

For those just starting, the workshop will help you identify the best business idea to pursue, guide you on how to set it up and give you the strategies to grow it quickly using low-cost tools.

Author and digital marketing expert Bernadette Schwerdt will also reveal how Australia’s top digital disruptors launched their online businesses and how they have created award-winning businesses that are going global. She’ll share their secrets of success so that you can fast track your learning and avoid the errors and mistakes most make when starting out.

You’ll learn:
  • 5 ways to test and research an online business idea to see if it’s worth pursuing
  • the 3 fundamental questions you must ask before launching any online endeavour
  • how to create an information-based product for free in under 7 days
  • how to drive traffic to your website using freely-available tools and technologies
  • the little-known software tools all leading digital entrepreneurs use to personalise their marketing campaigns and get cut-through
  • how to ‘user test’ your website and find out what your customers really think about your online presence
  • how to access thousands of social influencers and reach a new audience for as little as $300
  • square-o
    how to ‘invent’ money by using scalable, free tools that turn ideas into online products
  • square-o
    how to use competitions and other low-cost tools to generate massive traction
  • square-o
    how to turn service-based businesses into online products
  • square-o
    how to access web developers, designers and other staff for a fraction of the usual cost
How are we different:
  • The trainer is the author of two books and has interviewed over 100 online entrepreneurs and distilled their wisdom into actionable, practical insights
  • The material covered in the course is based on those insights
  • The process has been condensed into a 5-step process that anyone can follow
  • The workshop is customised for those attending and their business ideas and concepts will be used as the raw material for the workshop 
What you’ll get:
  • Extensive workbook and assignment sheets
  • Feedback on your specific business and idea
  • Access to templates, checklists and relevant industry associations

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"Bernadette has been a returning guest speaker for my students in Digital Marketing at Monash University and RMIT University. She has been instrumental in encouraging, motivating and empowering my students for a number of years now. Bernadette's background as a marketer, entrepreneur and author is a great inspiration for my students. She pushes them to think for themselves, and to follow their dreams and passions. She has tremendous insights into what it takes to be successful in an online environment, and she uses current industry examples that are easy to understand and relate. I hope to continue to work with Bernadette in the future so that she can keep being an inspiration and role model for my students."
Torgeir Aleti, Lecturer in Marketing at RMIT University

"Do yourself a favour and enrol! How enjoyable was the session? 11/10."
Matt Eggins, Public Relations, Dept of Employment

"Dynamic, engaging, compelling content tips & tools to build confidence and clarity for impactful public speaking and presentations. I gave it a 10/10."
Natalina Morelli, Marketing Manager, Maroondah City Council

"The session is a great blueprint for how to develop and deliver at public speaking events. A must! How enjoyable was the session? 10/10"
Kelly Canavan, Accountant, Australian Taxation Office